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Building Automation Services

Building Management in the Yukon and Beyond

Arcrite Northern Ltd. is committed to providing the design, manufacture, installation, and integration of systems that will help you manage the building and energy management needs of your business. Our goal is to provide a high level of service in the industrial, commercial, and residential fields. We are fully conversant with a wide range of building management systems with several years of in-house knowledge and expertise.

Design Build
We work from inception to completion on all project services for the most efficient and cost effective methods of construction and implementation.

Our system engineers, technicians, journeymen, and master electricians will work with your specific building and facility operators during the project design phase to meet the individual requirements of your facility.

Project Management
We provide enhanced communication during the design and construction phases of the project. We also offer a single source purchasing guarantee with on time and on budget delivery.

Visio and AutoCAD Engineered Drawings
Our in-house designers are trained in both Visio and AutoCAD to produce all required project documents.

Panel Manufacturing
We construct, assemble, inspect, and test all projects in our electrical and panel fabrication shops before they are released to be installed in the field.

Our service trucks are fully stocked and equipped to handle all manner of service calls. We are fully equipped for on-site installations. Our response times and workmanship provide the foundation of our business. It is the cornerstone of our success.

We provide rapid response to all maintenance requests. Because we fabricate and design all of our components many building control issues can be assessed online and resolved remotely. We also provide regular scheduled maintenance contracts for optimum functionality.

Before we hand off all systems to facility owners and operators we verify and document that all system components are controlling all building systems as designed. Our project integration schedule includes essential orientation and facility operator training as well as operational systems manuals.

Energy Consumption Analysis
We analyze energy consumption trends prior to project design. Our staff is trained and has the knowledge to evaluate building system operational performance for optimum energy efficiency.

Commercial & Industrial Programming

Our system engineers and programming specialists have the industry experience needed and are fully conversant in a range of current standard programming languages.

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