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Stay Safe with Utility Locating and Electromagnetic Detection in the Yukon

Arcrite Northern Ltd has been serving industrial, commercial and some residential clients in Whitehorse and across northern Canada since 1979. Our team of contractors and journeymen technicians can assist with the retrofitting, installing and upgrading of electrical systems, building automation controls, alarm systems and more.

Are you planning an expansion or construction project that will require excavation or digging? Our team can help you proceed safely by finding and marking any underground obstacles before you begin. We are equipped with the industry’s leading technology to help you locate underground objects and utilities with the use of concrete scanning and ground penetrating radar. We are even able to complete electromagnetic detection in the Yukon to ensure your area is free of any harmful electromagnetic radiation.

We use only the most trusted tools and equipment to ensure that the job is completed correctly and efficiently, and we are an authorized dealer of Honeywell systems.

Service Areas

  • Whitehorse

  • Yukon

  • Northwest Territories

  • Northern British Columbia



  • Electrical installations

  • Building controls

  • Fire alarm installations

  • Service work

  • Utility locating

  • Electromagnetic detection

  • Ground penetrating radar

  • Concrete scanning

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